Exclusive Designs

We deliver unique products that enhance and differentiate your project.

At WKS Door Systems, we conceptualize doors to seamlessly integrate with the overall architectural design. We take pleasure in exploring the vast array of finishes available for wood and highlighting the natural beauty of its forms.


As an architectural door factory, we offer a wide range of designs and work with various specifications, bringing to life the architectural concepts demanded by our clients.


The beauty of wood veneers lies in the natural variations of texture, grain, figure, and color, as well as how they are assembled on the face of a door. We specialize in offering a wide variety of veneer options. You can choose the species, cut, matching, assembly, grain direction, and add inlays to your design.


In general, you can create a unique opening that harmonizes with the chosen design of the project. In our design catalog, you can explore the different options of natural and precomposed veneers that we have available.

Decorative laminates

We have commercial partners for decorative laminates from the most renowned and industry-leading brands worldwide. We can offer a wide range of colors, textures, and designs to help conceptualize any project.


Our UV painting line sets us apart in the projects we undertake. We offer standard colors in the industry, and if needed, we can match any desired color.



  • The use of UV inks and technology ensures greater light stability for our doors, preventing colors from degrading rapidly.
  • The application of these UV products has low VOC (volatile organic chemical) emissions, meaning the product is free from gas emissions, and the material is completely dry, falling into the category of LEED doors.



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