American Intertek Certefication

The Intertek Laboratory is a globally recognized brand that maintains extensive global accreditations and recognition in testing and certification services. WKS has managed to maintain and grow in its fire certifications to take part in our client’s projects.



The American fire certifications that WKS has with this laboratory are the following:



Flush wood door, available in:

Certification: 20, 45, 60 and 90 minutes fire rated Pressures: Neutral and positive Cat A & Cat B



Flat Panel door, available in:

Certification: 20, 45, 60 and 90 minutes fire rated Pressures: Positive Cat A & Cat B


Wooden frame, available in:

Certification: 20, 45, 60 and 90 minutes fire rated Pressures: Neutral and Positive Cat B

Certification for Acoustic Doors

Today an acoustic certification is one of the most sought after, the tranquility of an office, a hotel room or residence is essential; that is why we seek to give you the option of combining the design of your door with features that can add value to your project.


Sound tests are carried out by laboratories where, with special tools, the sound levels that manage to pass from one place to another are verified. With our product you can have a fire rated door and give your clients an adequate rest.


Sound levels are based on decibels (dB) or transmission sound class (STC) that are used to measure the intensity of a sound. WKS currently holds the following sound certifications:


28dB  |  30dB32dB  |  36dB  |  42dB


The use of automatic door bottoms and adhesive gasketing on the frame are recommended for the best performance.

Sustaintability Certifications

WKS has a long-term commitment to care for the environment, as a company we must quantify our environmental impacts and take actions to reduce them, that is why we want to be part of the projects that seek to protect the natural resources that we have today to ensure the quality of life of the following generations, as well as taking care of the health of the occupants in the buildings.


We have options available for this type of projects that allow our clients to reduce their environmental impact and at the same time enjoy other benefits when using our products.


Our certifications in sustainability are the following:



WKS doors contribute to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits created by the United States Green Building Council. We offer products that have the following certifications:



The Forest Stewardship Council guarantees the renewability and sustainability of the world’s forests. This certification demonstrates that the materials and products purchased, labeled and sold as certified to our customers, come from sustainable sources, that they are authentic and that any statement is true and correct. Ask about our FSC certified products.



WKS has an Environmental Product Declaration published in the International EPD System, which presents transparent, verified and comparable information on the environmental impact of the life cycle of doors, from the extraction of raw materials to the manufacturing process.

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